St. Patrick’s Parade, 2018

St. Patrick’s Parade, 2018

Welcome friends,

It is February, and our parade is less than a month away. The County Oakland St. Patrick’s Parade’s hosted by our friends in the City of Royal Oak, and will be held in its traditional route out Washington St, moving south from the Middle School to 4th street. The parade will start promptly at 10am on Saturday the 10th of March, one week before the day itself and the day before the parade in Detroit. Sadly, we are not hosting the Lucky Dash this year.

There will be events held by local businesses following the parade, so stick around afterwards

You can find the application for participation at the link below.
2018 Parade App.

You can help support the our the parade and our Royal Oak City hosts with the parade t-shirts. IT doesn’t feature the Hibernians this year, but that is easily forgivable, don’t you agree?
Parade T-Shirts

The event can also be found on Facebook at our page, visit us there to share!
Parade on Facebook

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